Last night was such a good time. I saw some pretty impressive costumes and some old faces that i had really missed. I was dressed up as a baseball player for the METS. Mr. Kevin (Sweet Talker) was dressed up as Ashley Shaffer from eastbound and down! lol and Chee was super creative and came as a social butterfly. a picture would help explain that one but that will come my next blog post. hah and Marco Sanchez came as Jacob Black. Over all it was a super great night and i hope everybody is having a fun and safe weekend. i will post pics soon.


Halloween is right around the corner and this year I am going to be a zombie baseball player. So excited! Today Casper is on TV so with that being said my whole day is consumed with watching it over and over again being that it is the greatest movie ever made. I hope that you will all do the same. :)


At a bookstore

Barnes and noble. No laughing you people who own nooks and what not. Just doin some work right now. Got a long day ahead and im looking forward to being asleep tonight. Hope everybody had a good 3 day weekend but now it’s back to the ol wormy work.

Labor day

Lots of labor on this day. I’m starting off by watching titanic since it’s the only thing on right now. score! I am having a BBQ tonight with yummy chickens. I went to bed at 7:00pm last night which is such an old person thing to do. I think I’m getting old. Soon I’m Gunna have to start carrying butterscotch lozenges. Dang it. Hope you all have a lovely labor day off!

It’s been a while…

No I’m not quoting the stained song. But I have not posted on here in a while and I will begin doing this again everyday :) it is the weekend and I have been very very busy. I started an apparel business with my best friend and that has been quite an adventure. Hah not as easy as I thought to own a business. I am also extremely excited this year for Halloween even though it’s like 2 months away. Doesn’t matter!!!! Hah I want to hear some amazing costume ideas. Thank you much. I’ll be waiting