I feel lately that coconut is a little to incredible. it is good for just about everything. have a skin problem? put coconut on it. wanna be extremely hydrated? drink coconut water. need more potassium eat a coconut. geeees! might as well move to a damn island and just eat coconuts! this week is going to be great. our good friend Liz is in town to record some songs with Sean and I. gunna stay very busy and I am also cutting down on even more of my medicine this week. I am so excited and hope I succeed! wish everyone the best of luck this week. ill leave you with this….. ROAR is    my new jam!

days 3 & 4!

Saturday is near and that means WORK! At least for me it does. I move in just one week so I need to pack up my belongings (pug included) and move them into storage for a bit. I also am recording my Canadian friend Liz Labelle this coming Monday so I need to be all prepared for her arrival.  I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! DON’T PARTY TO HARD! Or do whatever you’re heart desires :-) either way be safe. love to all

day 2

I’ve officially been vegetarian for one week now! It feels so great and i’m loving every second of it. I encourage everyone to try it out. :-)  i’m cuddled up with my pug right now and he’s snoring. He’s an angel. O:-) Hope that everyones day was good and positive. it finally rained here for once so that was chipper. any whoot sleep well :-)

day 1

So today was a very productive day! Got so much accomplished and am looking forward to getting one step closer to being off all my meds :-)  Hope everybody had a wonderful start to their week. Stay positive and don’t let little things get in the way of your goals. love to all :-)

Some News…

So I am going to begin getting off of my medications starting tomorrow. I have been on anti anxiety and anti depression medications for quite sometime now. Due to some recent events I’ve decided that I need to get off of them. These medications have made my life a living hell and yet I have used them as a crutch for so long now to be able to function. I have tried in the past to quit taking them cold turkey and that was a nightmare. This time I am going to begin to taper off of these meds under professional care starting tomorrow. It will not be easy but so worth it. I am writing all of this because I know there are people out there with similar problems and I hope you can relate to this. I plan to get off of all my medications in due time and learn how to deal with these issues through therapy and other different techniques. I will still be the same old me but just healthier. I am going to try and keep blogging to keep everyone updated. Thanks again for my friends and family supporting me through this.